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Mike SR 35 Yrs Drywall Mechanic

Mike JR 12 YRS Drywall Finisher

Ronnie 11 YRS Drywall Finisher

Quinton 6 YRS Drywall Finisher

Our Story

 Mike SR  has Been and Drywalling Since 1978

My dad Sam Faircloth was a drywall mechanic. He started 1956 in Houston Texas. He also sprayed all types of texture from popcorn to orange peels. I started working with my dad 1978 right out of high school. Making me a secocnd generation drywall mechanic. After my Father passed in 1985 from mesothelioma me and my older brother moved to North Carolina. Now im working with my sons. That make them third generation. Mike jr has about 11 years experien now ronnie aorund 9 and quinton 5. 


Our Mission

We like taking on drywall projects that’s challenging with custom repairs. And removing popcorn ceiling making them look awesome.

Our Values

WE focus on our customers needs and wants with there drywall and popcorn removal projsect in there home. Our core vale is the customer giviving the  100% satisfaction. with great customer service.


Years Of Experience

Popcorn Texture Removal This Week

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Popcorn removals since 2002

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